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High Level Design Objectives

High Level Design

1. Identify and document the Business Process requirements at a sufficient level of detail to be presented to               external Vendors at RFP stage in order that they are all able to respond to a common requirement and hence all     responses can be evaluated evenly. 

2. Plan and prepare for Vendor Evaluation by providing the following input into a RFQ:

  • Indicative Implementation Plan to include Resourcing estimates. 
  • Governance and team structure, policies and procedures 

  • Process scope definition contained in process papers plus a high level solution map.

3.The benefit of the HLD is to:

  • Provide clear and concise requirements definition
  • Ensure the proposed SAP solution meets your business requirements.

  • Identify any areas of uncertainty / eliminate doubt.

  • Capture any departures from SAP standard that may require subsequent development.

  • Provide understanding and support to gain acceptance and buy-in by Business Owners for the scope and efforts of the Programme.

  • Observe and drive the targets of

  • Harmonized and standardized processes and data across the Group

  • Adherence to business best practices

  • Minimize implementation risks